13 Easy Ways to Break in Your Work Boots Fast

break in work boots

When you buy a new pair of work boots, you would want to break in your boots as fast as possible. Nothing causes more discomfort than walking all day in boots that chafe. The remedy is quite simple; it lies in learning some simple fixes to help you break in your boots. Here are 13 such easy (and guaranteed) ways to break in your boots fast.

  1. Hot water- Heat some water and immerse your boots into the water for a period of thirty minutes or so. Put on some socks and wear the boots for another thirty minutes. The hot water aids in expanding the leather. Putting on the boots as the leather cools enables that the boots take the shape and size of your feet.
  2. Wearing the boots- Wearing the boots at home till they feel comfortable may be another way through which you can make your boots fit perfectly. In addition, you could buy moleskin (available in any drug store) and use it as a barrier between your feet and the parts of the boots that cause a chafing effect.
  3. Freezing the boots- Fill an airtight plastic bag with water. Stuff the boots with the plastic bags and place the boots in the freezer. The water in the plastic bags will freeze and expand. You can then remove the boots from the freezer and thaw them. They will have gained some expansion which can accommodate your feet.
  4. Thick socks- Wear thick socks before you wear your boots. This will help expand the boots to your fit. Alternatively, you could wear several pairs of socks in order to attain the same results
  5. Stuffing the boots- Stuff your boots with cloth whenever you are not wearing. Leaving the boots stuffed as you go to sleep enables them to acquire some additional space as well as maintain their shape
  6. Stick treatment- Use a stick such as a broom stick (handle) to enlarge the leather on the specific spots where the boot causes chafing. The stick stretches out only those parts of the boot that cause chafing and not the entire boots. It however, takes long to achieve any results using this method, given that tanned leather is a tough element.
  7. Oily treatment- Apply mink oil on the outside of the leather boots. Concentrate the application on the sections where the boot causes most discomfort. If you leave the boots overnight, the oil will have softened the leather by morning. Repeat this procedure if necessary in order for you to achieve a perfect fit.
  8. Boot stretchers- Boot stretchers are adjustable to whatever size of boot you might have. They are forms which you can slip into your boots for purposes of reconditioning the fit of your boots. You can leave the boot stretches in the shoes overnight and in the morning the boots’ fit will feel easier.
  9. Boot stretch spray- Boot stretch spray is a product you can purchase from almost any shoe shop. You will need to read the instructions on the label for you to gather whether it is appropriate to use the spray on the material that composes your boots. Boot spray works like boot conditioner; it softens the leather and causes the show to allow a little more space.
  10. Taking them to a professional- A professional leather experts will know what procedure to apply in order for your boots to accommodate your feet. With better tools and the required experience, a cobbler is bound to target the exact spot which causes the discomfort and fix it.
  11. Adding an insole- In case you add an insole, the boot will get a more comfortable fit. It might also get a little tighter. Once you wear the boots for a few days with the insole on, your feet will expand the shoes a bit. After you have removed the insoles, the boots should fit perfectly
  12. Leather conditioner- Leather conditioner works in a similar manner as a moisturizer works on dry skin. Glovolium baseball glove conditioner (which you can pick from any retail outlet near you) is an example of leather conditioner that works great in hydrating the material of your boots and softens it in the process.
  13. Alcohol and water mixture- Make a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water in the ratio of 1:1. Use a spray bottle and directly spray the inside of the boots. Immediately wear the boots for twenty minutes or so. The alcohol softens the leather as it dries off, enabling your boots to take the shape of your feet. You might want to repeat this procedure for it to be more effective.

In conclusion, it is worthwhile noting that leather boots require a bit of time and effort to break in. It is advisable to carry out the breaking in process in a gradual manner instead of hoping to fit comfortably into your boots overnight. It is also important to consider buying boots two or so weeks before when you are required to wear them; for adequate break in time.

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