Best Men’s Work Boots Reviews 2016

Best Insulated Work Boots

Work boots are considered to be among the staples in every worker’s wardrobe, particularly for those who work in cold weather conditions. They are sturdy and provide ample support for you to be moving around comfortably. Insulated work boots are the most preferred option, thanks to the insulation and padding that they are built with, using various types of materials and insulation technologies.

In the past, it was a challenge to find insulated work boots that will suit your particular needs and preferences. Fortunately, that is no longer the case, as you can literally have your pick among excellent models and brands of insulated work boots. To make your work easier when choosing the boot to buy, we will take a look at the three of the best insulated work boots available in the market today. We’ll also take a look at what some of the buyers have said about the boots after buying and using them.

The Original MuckBoots Adult Arctic Sport Boot

The combination of rubber and fabric makes the Original MuckBoots Arctic Sport Boot one of the best insulated work boots to beat at present. It is designed even for arctic conditions, with a comfort level ranging from -40 degrees to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it perfect for practically any outdoor activity – not just work-related. As a work boot, it delivers. As a sport boot, it also meets expectations.

It is waterproof and insulated, so it can be used even in the snow and in the rain. In extreme cold, it will keep your feet toasty and dry. The boot shaft, tall at 14.5 inches from the arch, provides extra protection even when you have to wade through drifts.

Here’s what we like about the Original MuckBoots Adult Arctic Sport Boot

  • Soft but tough foldable neoprene uppers
  • Waterproof, with stretch binding on top of shaft to keep water from coming in
  • Tall shaft
  • Grippy rubber soles

Timberland Pro Men’s Direct Attach Waterproof Work Boot

Timberland has already established a solid reputation when it comes to work boots, and the Pro Men’s Direct Attach Waterproof Work Boot is yet another solid proof of that.

This high-performance work boot is made from waterproof full grain leather, effectively combining durability and style. For working in cold weather, the Thermolite insulation works very nicely in keeping your feet warm, down to the tips of your toes. It also comes with a removable polyurethane sock liner that is contoured to adhere to the shape of your feet for maximum comfort.

This work boot is light, and that is largely thanks to the lightweight PVS midsole. Meanwhile, the rugged lug outsole ensures that you will be safe from slipping and sliding while walking around in these boots.

Here’s what we like about the Timberland Pro Men’s Direct Attach Waterproof Work Boot:

  • Stylish brown full-grain leather
  • Waterproof and seam-sealed uppers
  • Steel toe protects toes
  • Mesh lining wicks moisture and perspiration
  • Comfortable padding on top collar

Wolverine Men’s Gold Insulated Waterproof Boot

Featuring a waterproof exterior and durable construction using nubuck leather material, these boots from Wolverine are designed with the hard worker in mind. It comes with a Thinsulate insulation that never fails to keep the feet warm, and moisture-wicking PK mesh lining to ensure maximum comfort. The full-cushion footbed also acts as extra padding for the soles of your feet.

Durability and flexibility will never be in question, since it is made with the trademark Wolverine Impala rubber outsole. That means it is resistant to abrasion and heat, all while providing excellent grip and traction, keeping you stable and on your toes – literally! – even during slippery situations.

Here’s what we like about the Wolverine Men’s Gold Insulated Waterproof Boot:

  • Waterproof, can be used in the snow and rain
  • Warm and insulated interior
  • Abrasion-, chemical- and heat-resistant
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Wide fit accommodates users with wide or broad feet
  • Lighter than other work boots, at only 400 grams

Top Insulated Work Boots Pick

Right now, the insulated work boot that is gaining the greatest favor from users is the Original MuckBoots Adult Arctic Sport Boot. As a work boot and as a sport boot, this pair delivers on all counts. It is quite rare to find a pair that will keep your feet dry and warm even when the temperature goes down to negative 40 degrees, but the Arctic Sport Boot has no difficulty in doing so.

It is not called the “king of Muck Boots” for nothing. Whether you are using it for heavy duty construction work, or facing challenges in outdoor activities such as snowmobiling and sled riding, the Arctic Sport Boot from Muck Boots will definitely keep you on your toes!

Best Slip Resistant Work Boots

When it comes to purchasing a good pair of work boots, slip resistant features might be in your shortlist of requirements. Slip resistant boots are a rather special category when it comes to work boots, given their added benefit. If you’re working in cold environments, where the ground may freeze, and you need a pair of boots that will keep your feet secure at all times, slip resistant work boots are the way to go. The same applies for “slippery when wet” surfaces which can be encountered in a wide range of places, regardless of weather. Some work boots with such a feature are also useful if you have to step on oily surfaces. The sole is often made out of heavy-duty rubber, designed to withstand years of constant exposure to various surfaces. Choosing the best slip resistant work boots might seem difficult; this is why we have curated a list of high-quality slip resistant work boots, each of them having its perks outlined for easy comparison.

Danner Men’s Acadia Uniform Boot Review

Danner Arcadia Uniform Boots 1Our first reviewed item is a Danner product, which features a tall shaft that keeps your ankle in place as you walk. The midsole of these boots is a true bastion of protection against puncture damage. Nails, shards or other sharp objects have no chance of getting through the steel plate layer of the sole. Underneath, the Vibram 148 Kletterlift makes up the outsole, providing for increased stability, even if the floor tends to be slippery. It’s also worth mentioning the boots are waterproof, thanks to the Gore-Tex technology. On the other hand, you will not benefit from insulation when you wear these boots; this is not a design flaw, but an advantage when it comes to keeping your feet cool and dry, even if you work for many hours in a row. In addition to a wide range of sizes available, these work boots also come in special sizes, so if your feet are narrow, wide or extra wide, you can purchase the according pair of boots and enjoy their comfort.

Here’s what we like about the Danner Men’s Acadia Uniform Boot:

  • Puncture-resistant steel midsole plate
  • Long life of the boots, spanning for even 10 years of wear
  • Stitches don’t wear off, and the waterproof capability is not affected
  • Easily be resoled after extended use
  • Waterproof and slip-resistant outsole

Find out more by reading the full review of it.

Thorogood Men’s 814-4200 American heritage 6” Moc Toe Boot Review

These Thorogood work boots are authentic, US-made products, and they are extremely useful if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will last for a good while. It’s crucial to mention the boots have a slip resistant sole, which will prove a great addition sooner or later. While wearing these work boots, you don’t have to worry about wet or even icy surfaces, and you can be more productive as you maintain a steady pace. The boots are made out of full grain leather, and for those who also care about looks when it comes to their pair of Thorogood, they are available in three different finishes: classic black, tobacco and brown. If you have either narrow or wide feet, you can check out the size chart and purchase the according boots. The boot shank is made out of fiberglass, providing for lightweight support of your feet. Unlike the other reviewed boots, this one features a 6” shaft. The insole is designed to absorb and minimize any shocks, so your feet won’t get sore while wearing the boots.

Here’s what we like about the Thorogood Men’s 814-4200 American heritage 6” Moc Toe Boot:

  • Outsole meets ASTM F2913-11 and EH safety standards
  • Fiberglass shank for extra protection
  • Resoling is an easily available solution that can easily prolong the lifetime of the Thorogood boots
  • Extremely comfortable after breaking into them

Bates Men’s Defender 8″ Zip Boot Review

This pair of boots from Bates proves to be extremely durable footwear that comes with a series of perks. The outsole requires little maintenance over several years; aside from this, you will enjoy its slip-resistant capabilities. The rubber employed in the structure is provided by Goodyear and it proves useful even when you come across oily surfaces, when other boots might face issues. The sole design provides for increased comfort thanks to its shock-absorbing features. These boots are tall, featuring an 8-inch shaft. The shaft is made out of durable nylon, which slims down the boot weight, without letting you down in terms of resistance against abrasion or scratches. On the inside of each boot, you have a zipper available, so you don’t have to work your way to loosen the laces when you get home after a long day of work. Although the boots are not branded as waterproof, you can keep your feet dry as long as you don’t get submerged in deep waters. On the other hand, the lining is breathable, so your feet remain dry even in high-heat environments.

Here’s what we like about the Bates Men’s Defender 8″ Zip Boot:

  • Leather and durable nylon combination
  • True to size, something which is crucial to avoid requesting a new pair
  • Side zipper for easy boot removal
  • SATRA WTM 144 certified, slip and oil-resistant outsole

Top Slip Resistant Work Boots Pick

As you’ve read above, each of these slip resistant work boots that have been showcased come with a series of advantages, as wells as some drawbacks. To this, we must add the reviews provided by customers of each pair, and establishing one model as better than the others proves a difficult task. However, if you want to go with the best pair out of the three that have been presented, you should go with the Danner Men’s Acadia Uniform Boot. The slip resistant sole is provided by Vibram, renowned in the industry for heavy-duty products. The boots can withstand a wide range of environments, and you can put them to good use even when it’s freezing outside. The waterproof feature is an added benefit that gives you the green light when you need to tackle delicate situations.

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