Bates Men’s Defender 8 Inch Zip Boots Review


The Bates Men’s Defender 8 Inch Zip Boot are a great addition to your wardrobe if you’re looking for heavy-duty boots that would last much longer than a mere year. Long-lasting designs from Bates are already well-known on the market, and these boots are yet another proof of this fact. If you’re looking to the right combination between materials, features, and overall design, all of these offered at a fair price, you must consider adding these boots on your shortlist. Such boots are equally suited for people who are required to walk and drive/ride long distances such as uniformed occupations staff e.g. police officers, EMS, and for a biker that needs a pair of proper boots for the long ride.

Features and specifications

This Bates boots model is suited for heavy-duty use, especially if you’re required to wear the same boot for the better part of each day. Below you can find the features which are the strongest selling points of these boots:

Bates Mens Defender Zip Boot 3Leather and ballistic nylon design.Unlike other work boots, these Bates ones come with a mix of leather and nylon. The nylon area is found on the sides and back of the shaft, where you need a lightweight material that can prevent damage coming from sharp objects. The shaft is also quite tall, measuring 8”, so you can expect a high degree of protection when you wear these boots.

Side zipper. The tall shaft of the boots might prove cumbersome when it comes to tying up your shoelaces. However, when you wear these Bates boots, it’s enough to tie the shoelaces just once and for all. After you tighten them up, you can take off the boots and put your feet back in with ease, thanks to the side zippers.

Heavy-duty rubber sole. The sole of these Bates boots is made out of Goodyear rubber, and it will take a couple of years until resoling them needs to be considered. The heavy-duty material does its job from the first time you put your feet on the ground, and it does it flawlessly day after day until it’s time to refurbish the boots and extend their lifetime. The stitch-out welt construction employed in this boot’s design makes them a good candidate for several resoles over the following years.

Waterproof design. Although the boots are not branded as Gore-Tex when it comes to their waterproof aspect, this is because they are designed with a proprietary technology, which is equally good. You can really throw some serious challenges to these boots when it comes to their waterproofness, and at the end of the day, your feet will be as dry as in the beginning. There are few competitors that can do such a good job when it comes to this.


These Defender boots from Bates are highly praised by countless customers, and all of them have something good to say about the product. There are, however, some recurrent elements that are discussed and that only strengthen the overall facts coming from the manufacturer itself:

Bates Mens Defender Side Zip BootShock absorbing DuraShocks sole. There are few things worse than wearing a boot which makes your feet sore after half an hour when your shift is eight hours long. Discomfort may have a wide range of causes, but poor sole construction is usually the main culprit. The Bates DuraShocks technology has been implemented into the sole design, in order for any shock to be easily absorbed over the surface of the whole outer sole. This way, your feet won’t experience pinpoint pressure and you will feel productive for a long time.

Ballistic nylon shaft. Just as Bates states, the same nylon texture used on the shaft of these boots is the one used on flak jackets worn by pilots in the Second World War. Such nylon can easily withstand punctures and scratches, so your calves won’t get hurt. Despite being highly durable, the material is quite flexible and it easily adjusts to your leg, making for a comfortable experience.

Certified slip-resistant outsole. If you have to work in environments where the floor is constantly slippery, you can’t wear boots that don’t provide support in this direction. The Bates boots presented here, however, do a wonderful job when it comes to keeping your feet in place, whenever you take a step. The outsole of these boots was put to the test and passed the SATRA WTM 144 test with flying colors, making this Bates model ideal for oil resistance, as well.


Breaking into the boots might be time-consuming. The heavy duty design of the Defender boots comes with a disadvantage, as well. The leather is quite stiff in the beginning and it will certainly take more than a day to break into the boots. However, once you do this, you will enjoy several years of comfortable footwear.

Customer Reviews

Customer opinions are the best way to make up your mind when it comes to a product, and when you read experiences of verified purchasers, you know you’re on the right track to a good decision. Below you can find some of the most appreciated reviews of these boots.

I do 12 hour shifts with a lot of walking and driving and have never had a pair of boots last more than a year, so I bought several pairs of boots from different makers, to alternate each day, in an attempt to get more mileage from them. With these Bates boots, I don’t want to wear any of the others.

Zamzam1 – Read the Full Review on Amazon

I am currently enjoying my second pair of Bates DuraShocks. I ride my motorcycle 10,000 miles a year and work in EMS as well. These boots take a ton of abuse and have held up better than any other brand I’ve ever had. The soles are super tough and the boots are comfortable out of the box. I am always tempted to buy another pair just in case they discontinue them, but I don’t want a new pair of boots sitting in my closet for 4 years.

Robert – Read the Full Review on Amazon


These boots are enjoyed by a large number of men that perform a lot of activities while wearing such a product. Whether you have to go on patrol for long hours or if you’d rather enjoy your motorcycling hobby, you can be sure the Bates Men’s Defender 8 Inch Zip Boots won’t let you down.

The advantages of these boots clearly overwhelm any minor flaw which might be present; such disadvantages are things that get solved naturally, as it is the case of breaking into the boots. Others, like the purchase of the wrong size, can be easily corrected with a return, as well.

Overall, this pair of work boots provides you with excellent support and comfort for your feet, with great traction due to its slip-resistant properties.