Thorogood Men’s 814-4200 American heritage 6″ Moc Toe Boot Review

Thorogood is a well-known brand for any customer who wants to wear high quality boots; if you’re not aware of them already, you can read along and discover what makes these moc toe work boots a must-have in extreme conditions. Probably the feature that makes the Thorogood Men’s 814-4200 American heritage 6” Moc Toe Boot so popular is their slip-resistant sole, but you’re looking at a longer list of advantages when you’re dealing with these Thorogood boots.

Features and specifications

There are a series of features these American Heritage boots from Thorogood feature, and which ultimately make up for a good purchase. The price-to-quality ratio might not be an official feature, but wearing the same boots for years in a row leads us to easily attribute an excellent ratio when it comes to the product’s price and durability.

US-made. Although there are many countries which ship top quality products, you can never go wrong with an American boot. There are several craftsmen involved in the creation of each boot, the final product featuring a manmade sole that is designed to last for years in a row. The quality is thus net superior to that achieved by products made with little human interaction.

Ideal shaft height. The 6.25-inch height of these Thorogood boot shafts should be ideal for all your needs. The boots are tall enough to support your ankle and give your lower leg protection against various dangers, and they are short enough to remain comfortable. For some, taller boots might actually get in the way of feeling good, especially when you work for hours in a row, wearing the same shoes.

Full leather product. Thorogood doesn’t understand the concept of half-measures, and that’s why you have the chance to wear a full leather boot. Unlike other brands that might employ combinations of leather with other materials, these boots have no such parts, so you can enjoy protection all around your foot.

Composite shanks. Usually, work boot shanks are made out of metal, but you can opt for a composite shank instead. These Thorogood boots sport a fiberglass shank, which comes with two advantages. Firstly, it’s much lighter than its metal counterpart and secondly, it’s just as resistant as the metal one.


These Thorogood American Heritage boots have a list of solid advantages, which you should look forward to if you’re interested in a boot that can support your feet not just for a couple of years.

Safety tests passed. When you’re looking to purchase a heavy-duty boot, aim to acquire one that has passed safety tests. This Thorogood boot is definitely recommended if you want a slip-resistant outsole that meets the requirements of the ASTM F2913-11 SATRA test. Moreover, electrical hazards are not an issue, either; the boots meet the 18kV electrical hazard resistance mark, making them suited for electricians.

Available for more than just normal-width feet. Fit is crucial when you purchase shoes, and boots that you need to wear for more than a third of your day need to be perfect, whether you’re a construction site surveyor or a farmer. Despite the fact you can break into leather, you cannot change the fit of a boot. This boot, however, is available not just for those with normal feet, but also for men with wide or narrow feet. Thanks to this, you don’t have to compromise on one of the most important aspects when it comes to comfort.

Easy to break into. Breaking into leather boots is the least favorite part in owning such shoes. However, the 814-4200 model has been constantly praised for its durable, yet soft leather, which makes breaking in a matter of hours, rather than days. You can wear your brand new boots for a while after you’ve got them, and by the time you’ll go to work, they will already be familiar with your feet, providing for a great experience from day one.

Durable, slip-resistant wedge sole. Thorogood makes not just good-looking and comfortable boots; they also pay attention to real needs of men who purchase such products. That’s why these boots come with a heavy-duty outersole which is designed to give you the needed grip when you encounter a slippery surface. On top of that, you won’t have to resole these boots for several years after purchasing and constantly wearing them. The wedge sole design is a fine addition from Thorogood, making the boot suited for farm work, among other tasks. The lack of a heel and overall low profile of the sole prevent debris from building up and altering your grip.


No waterproof features. Unfortunately, these Thorogood boots are not going to keep your feet dry if you have to walk through something deeper than a puddle. However, the situation can be alleviated and fixed almost in its entirety by using beeswax to treat the boots. Doing this once in a while will provide for the boots’ waterproofness, useful sooner or later.

Customer reviews

With thousands of customers and hundreds of reviews available online, it’s easy to discover what makes these boots so popular, and below are some highlights from customers.

When the boots arrived, I couldn’t have been more pleased. My wife swears that she saw a single tear of joy roll down my cheek when I opened the box and gazed upon them for the first time. The fit is fantastic, the quality superb and the price amazing. I was surprised that they aren’t as clunky as my hiking boots and they’re very well cushioned. And the leather…well, it’s just beautiful.

OhioGardener – Read The Full Review on Amazon

These shoes are truly Vintage, high quality American made shoes. When I opened the box, immediately my attention was drawn to the top quality American tanned leather, not the cheap scraps on even some of the Chinese made shoes. I would equate the leather quality to that of a Coach quality. The stitching is the quality of a shoe you might find made in a by-gone century.

Pl – Read The Full Review on Amazon


Work boots are an extremely broad topic to tackle, and you’ll find hundreds of boots that fall into this category. You will even find some that barely make it above the line, giving you more headaches than fair protection. However, you sometimes stumble upon products like the Thorogood Men’s 814-4200 American heritage 6” Moc Toe Boot, which are designed with quality in mind, first and foremost. You won’t pay spare change for them, but you won’t be charged a fortune, either.

You get what you pay for when it comes to footwear, and you’re truly paying for American quality when it comes to Thorogood. Of course, like all products, this one comes with small inconveniences like the lack of waterproof support, but there’s nothing you can’t solve with a bit of extra work done. You already have a product that can be put to heavy use since day one, and you can only make it better when you find a flaw.

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